12 Apr. 2013 Poster presented at "Rencontres numériques" of ANR in Paris
31 March Final report
18 Jan. Official end date
20 May 2012 Paper accepted at ICWS 2012: “Enabling Message Security for RESTful Services”
22 April Deliverable published: D3.2 "Use-Case Analysis and Aspect Requirements"
27 Jan. Paper accepted at WEBIST 2012, 8th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, A Message-Passing Model for Service Oriented Computing
Jan. New SAP whitepaper on the CESSA Research Perspective
Oct. 2011 New blog entry on the SAP developer community
29 Sep. Deliverable published: D2.3 "Certification Infrastructure and Mechanisms" (Intermediate version)
26 Sep. Deliverable published: D1.3 "Language definition and aspect support - Extension of the Service Model for Security and Aspects" (final version)
June Research article on adaptive security for services accepted at WSNSCM'11
June Article on adaptive service security for mobile systems accepted at the industry-oriented Smart-Mobility'11
27 May Deliverable published: D2.2 "Language definition for security specifications"
15 Apr. Research article on gray-box composition, aspects and invasive patterns published in the international journal IJCIS
31 Mar. Deliverable published: D1.3 “Language definition and aspect support - Extension of the Service Model for Security and Aspects” (intermediate version)
10 Jan. Deliverable published: D1.2 "Model and formal architecture specification"
25 Nov. 2010 Deliverable published: D3.1 "Security Analysis for Web Services"
10 Oct. Research article on invasive composition in grids and SOAs (PDF) presented at IADIS'10
23 July Deliverable published: D2.1 "State of the art and requirement analysis of security functionalities for SOAs"
11 July Research article on resource manipulation in SOAs (PDF) accepted at FOCLASA'10
9 July CESSA Blog available at the SAP Community Network
2 July Deliverable published: D1.1 "Survey and requirement analysis"
10 May Invited presentation at a Dagstuhl seminar on program optimization and invasive composition
24 Jan Initial version of the website
18 Jan Kick-off meeting at EM Nantes
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